Hard Cast Bullets & Soft Cast Bullets for antique & vintage firearms

Custom hardness and sizing.

Antique Firearm bullets

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265 gr Hollow Base    "455 Webley"

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Harder / Softer bullets available 

315gr                        350gr                        405gr                           500gr                  

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Hard Cast Bullets


  • 8mm Rifle                                    8x50 Lebel Rifle
  • 45-70                                           44 Magnum
  • 45 Colt                                         6.5x55
  • 30-30                                           30 caliber
  • 38-55                                           32-40
  • 32 Special                                   7.62 Russian 
  • 416 Rigby                                    458 Win Mag 
  • 375                                              303 British             ...and more 

Can't find the bullets you need? 

 Bullets molds may be available with suppliers or a custom mold can be made. 

OR, if you buy a mold, send it    to me to make your bullets and you keep the mold after.

We specialise in:

  • Lever Action Bullets (38-55, 45-70, 32 Spl, etc)
  • RegularHard Cast Bullets
  • Soft Cast Bullets for antique & vintage firearms
  • Custom hardness & sizing

Soft Cast Bullets

     Softer lead bullets that many old guns were designed for. 
     Bullets for old and obsolete calibers:  

  • 43 Mauser NEW                               577 Snider NEW        
  • 45 Schofield                                     44 Russian
  • 11mm 1873 French                          455 Webley,   
  • 41 Long Colt,                                    442 RIC       
  • 8mm Lebel Revolver                        9.4mm Dutch    ...and more
  • 50-70 Govt.